ski ski ski ski ski ski ski ski ski ski ....ski

If you know me, you definitely know that skiing, in any of its forms, is my favorite pastime. I skied on Friday--it was a blue bird sunny day with powdery snow and no lift lines at Jupiter. I did some hiking, had a snickers picnic on top of Scott's bowl overlooking the Wasatch range, and got a goggle tan.

Well, for some reason, my brain has been fixated on water skiing lately and how much I miss it during the winter. Last night I had a dream....... I was in class, listening to a boring lecture when my cousin Jonathan rolled up in a suburban with my Dad's boat hitched up. My other cousins were tan and laughing, in bikinis, listening to BYU inappropriate music, and were calling my name to forsake classes and join them at Lake Powell for a few weeks (ha!). Rose was screaming phrases such as "screw you!" and "you don't know me" and "lets get this party started"...hahahahaha. No choice there. I hopped on board, we made it to Powell, where it was summer time but nobody was there because they thought it would be cold. We skied, wake boarded, tubed, rock climbed, discussed harry potter and politics, got thoroughly sandy and tan and hot, and loved every minute of it. What a great dream.

Pretty sure I'll be dreaming about Scott's bowl this summer.

Calling all Campbells: Make my dreams a reality-- and please wear the bikinis when you pull up to shock as many people as possible!



I have a few bones to pick with law enforcement officers who create a lot of work for me.

I legally own a handicap placard because of my deformed discs and spinal canals. BYU states that any student with said coveted object can park in A-lot (professor) parking spots because they don't provide enough handicap stalls. I have now received 3 BYU parking tickets for parking in A-lot spots "without valid permit." When I file an "appeal" they always drop the charge, but going in is annoying.

One beautiful day I was driving from Ellie's house to my own and got pulled over (going 3 mph above limit). The cop said he was going to "let me off" for speeding...(what?)...and gave me a ticket for "failure to change address within 10 days." I informed him that I am an AZ resident and therefore am not required to change my address because I am in UT temporarily. He got a little red and reacted by saying that I must go to the DMV and get a sticker with my new address stuck to my license. (WHAT?) So I went and the disgruntled employees laughed at me as there is no such thing. Not willing to pay the ridiculously high fine...I had to go to court. Where 13 year-old-druggies in small town UT were literally licking one anothers necks. It gets better. I spoke with the prosecuting attorney, and asked him if my "charge" was legitimate seeing as I can't very well put a UT address on an AZ license. All sweaty 350 lbs of him loomed over me and he said that he "had no responsibility whatsoever to know what my charge was" and that I should pay the $50 and leave so I wouldn't have to book a trial and hire a lawyer.....(WHAT?) I left the court and had my judge-father send a nicely worded letter.

Learn your own laws, please. Thanks.


I'm alive

I am alive after sinus surgery, and more importantly, my sister Ellie is having a baby girl in June! I am so completely elated. I think my heart will bust from too much love.

I did throw up blood as predicted. I also watched many movies, sat in the spa, ate very little food and enjoyed the arizona warmth--- I really forget how lovely it is in the winter. I had the good fortune to get a visit from my three bomb-shell cousins, it had been so long since I had seen Laura, what a pleasure she is!

I am reading the new Dan Brown book, which is exactly the same as his others. Creepy, ruthless, massive villain, Robert Langdon, who can never realize what is going on until he has an epiphany, and some love-interest with "a Mediterranean glow." Why am I reading it? Not sure.

Also, the bachelor (t.v. show) is totally ridiculous... as is the fact that my dog is my valentine.



Surgery Safari (12th installment)

I am having sinus surgery on Friday because of my tragic ailment, AFS. I have recently refused to tell people what that acronym stands for because I assume they judge me--the F may or may not stand for "fungal." I don't want people thinking I have yellow toe nails or nasty rashes. Good thing my 12 credits of classes are: Satire and Comedy, Print Culture, Bookbinding, Makeup (yes I get credit for that) and playing my cello so I can go to Scotland this summer. Happily, I will return to Arizona for 1.5 weeks, lounge around in soft clothes and bask in the warmth that comes from Buster, Dwight and Tracy Jordan. Ahhh the delights of surgery: a mom to take care of you, drugs so you can sleep for 16 hours each day, ice cream, sympathy, and throwing up blood. Wish me luck!