Oh brother

A while back I was driving to rehearsal early (for a college campus anyway) around 7:20 AM. I saw some dude waiting to cross the street who was doing something weird to his face but I couldn't tell what. As I drove closer, I discovered that this fellow was SHAVING with an electric razor, no mirror and with his eyes half-closed and glassy. Of course, who is the one person in the world that would do this? Yup, it was my brother Rob.

Another great experience: I was entering the gym one evening when some hippy, pot-smoking, dread wearing, B.O. man approached me, mumbling something or other. I thought he was going to flash me (logical, I know) so I quickly ran inside. I was swimming laps that evening. I noticed that somehow the guy got into the gym...then into the pool area and i totally thought he was following me. He went over to the spa where all the hunks and babes stare at each other and started stripping down. Literally, pulling off millions of layers and dropping them in a smelly heap on the wet, musty, gym ground. No need for the locker room there. Once he was down to his SOCKS, boxer briefs, SUNGLASSES (everyone wears them at night), BEANIE, and GLOVES, he slid into the spa. He stayed for a really long time while all the hunks and babes stared and stared at him. When he left, he simply got out and started pulling the layers back on. No towel. Nothing. I love my life.


Health Care

Walking around BYU campus the past few days has been pretty eye-opening. So many of my fellow comrades are in a fury about the new Health care reform. They can't believe this "country is going to the dogs" and that "the socialists have control." Wow. And whenever I ask what should be done people respond that they "don't know. But not this!" Ok....

There has been increasing disparity between the poor and the rich since the 70s, and the middle class is shrinking--which will eventually result in a large lower class and a tiny upper class. Capitalism and conspicuous consumerism creates losers. Inherently. The problems with health care are huge.

Speaking from the perspective of one who has had major and continual health issues, I can say that the idea of insurance causes great anxiety for me. What if I can't afford good insurance and thus can't see respected specialists? Is my career path going to pay me enough so that I can have adequate coverage? How will I get coverage with my pre-existing health conditions? I feel this way-- and have been blessed enough to have good care so far. But, there are those who cannot acquire health care and have never seen good doctors. How must they feel?

Although I cannot promise this plan will be ideal, I am going to be super didactic and say that we should all open our minds a bit to the situation around us and realize that this health care plan is at least trying to take care of the underdogs. Sheesh.


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