Peanut butter and celery.

Disclaimer: My photo uploader on this blog is horrible and does not work. Thus the chronology of my photos is backward and I can't write between them.

Life has been a blur of late. I had eyelid surgery (skin cancer) the day before graduation and thus had a bloody, stitched eye for my glamor photos. I then went with my parents and aunt to disneyland because she has never been before. And despite what Baulldriard says, I still love that place. The Indiana Jones ride never ceases to amaze me.

For the past month I have been living in Boulder, CO with my sister and her darling, adorable babies. It has been delightful (think swimming, parks, walks, playing house, picnics, mountains and henna tatoos). My other siblings came out over the long weekend to run in the Boulder Boulder, a 10k / Party... Forty thousand hippies running together with bands playing, belly dancers, slip n slides ect. I obviously loved every second of it and came in 17,000 somethingth place.
Summer is my favorite season. I have done my best to spend as much time outside as possible and to eat plenty of watermelon, cinnamon toast and lemon yogurt.

PS the last photo is of my final project for my theater makeup class--I just couldn't resist.

PSS Note the photo of Carmen screaming on the "roller coaster." Afterward Lucy said it was boring.