Ouch. I have been sleeping for the past 4 days, drugged- with a few exceptions of delirious calls made to lament the loss of our dearly beloved Michael Jackson. My dad woke me up the other day to tell me he died and I don't think I ve ever been more confused before. I am still pretty woozy. My back was worse than anticipated so surgery was more intense and they had to remove extra bone. But I have been walking a bit and feel stronger each day. Ive watched 4 movies. Yesterday I took 9 hours worth of naps. Hasta.


Surgery Safari

On to other things, like the title of this blog. My surgical safari. Well as many of you know, I am having back surgery tomorrow. I've known I needed it since December, so its no surprise. Well, when school was getting out/ when I was in China, everyone kept asking me what my summer plans were. It seemed like everyone was doing amazing things like "Going to Jerusalem to save Orphans, alter Arab perceptions of Israel, and win the nobel prize while I write my Orca grant thesis on.... ect ect." Anyway, I applied to a really awesome program in the Dominican Republic last fall and got in! I was super excited, I thought it would be great to say I was going to China to tour like a rock star and then to the DR to teach kids. But...I couldn't go to the DR in lew of my surgery. I didn't love telling people about surgery because there is so much explaining to do, and because it made people feel sorry for me- which I totally hate. So I decided to call it my surgery safari (people go to africa to get plastic surgery and then when people ask where they were they say they were on safari) to make myself feel better. Be assured, I will be watching lots of planet earth and discovery chanel to make my experience more authentic. So...kives, IVs, anesthetic, white walls and tiled floors for me tomorrow! Its a 6 week recovery. Can't leave the house for the first 2. If you live in AZ ( I know this group is small) come visit me and maybe you'll get to see my scar! If you live elsewhere, I may be able to pencil in some chatting time between book reading and movie watching. Here I go! Yikes.


Welcome one and all.

I am now a legitimate blogger. I can't make many promises, but if you want to hear about my life or thoughts, this is the best way to do so without putting forth any effort. To start us off, I am going to share some things about my life with you. Whoever already knew the most of these things gets a prize!

-The title of my blog, sac town, was a name given to me from my friend Jason. He is now engaged, so don't make any crazy assumptions. The name sac somehow developed from my 7 bffs in high school and stuck.
-My favorite cereal varies day-to-day, but as a unit is my favorite form of sustenance. (spell check wanted to make that abstinence )
-I love being outside. I feel best about myself when I'm sick and sweaty after accomplishing something nature-esque. Seriously.
-I play the cello. I probably spent more time with him last year than anybody I know. We have a very loving relationship.
-I just got back from touring in China for a month with mountain strings folk music band and dance group. We called ourselves smokin' wood to more accurately represent our toughness. Mountain strings sounds sort of sissy.
- Reading fufills me.
-I was born to lay a nice curvaceous line in thigh deep powder.
-I hate having long fingernails.
-My hair curls by itself.
-I have had 10 surgeries. It will be 11 come Tuesday! Yikes. Back surgery.
-I'm not good at expressing emotion. Or being confrontational.
-My friends are totally wonderful and strange and sexy and kind.
-I am scuba certified.
-I pretend I can speak spanish. I lived in spain for 3.5 months.
-I love love love traveling. I only have 2 continents left to visit- Autsralia and Antarctica!
-Halloween and Christmas are the best days of the year.
- I am LDS.
-Daffodils are my favorite flowers.
-I really really want to go to India and Greece. And Egypt.
-My cousin Amy can speak to ghosts.
-I love soccer too, I played allll growing up. There is no better feeling than scoring goals.
-I wish I was artistic.
-I wish I went to school at Hogwarts. One day...
-Many of my friends just left or are shortly leaving on missions. Which means I am growing up, which is very frightening.
-I am preparing for the GRE and researching Grad schools. Again, very scary.
-I love cotton candy and theme parks.
-Integrity is crucially important to me. I think it is the most important quality.
-Night hikes are so adventerous.
-Banana oreo milk shakes. with ellie.
-You should read "waiting for snow in havanna", its the best book Ive ever read.
-I love double-stops.
-And ghost riding the whip.
-I own crocs. Wow. I know. Hideous but so functional.

We should be intimate friends by now. I'm done.