I googled pirate girl...

My sister-in-law Ellie teaches first grade and is having "pirate day" tomorrow. She asked me to dress up and tell the kids a story (woo hoo!). I googled 'pirate girl' for inspiration. Goin' to the tatoo parlor tonight! I know Amy will appreciate this.


speak to me

I went to a poetry reading by Kevin Hart a few days ago. I started crying in the auditorium with my creative writing class flanking my sides; his poetry speaks truth. This poem is from a series entitled "Three Prayers."


Master of light, my God
Before whom stars tremble
And fall into themselves,

Who glows within each thing
Beyond reach of language
And deeper than silence,

Who passes through the dark
That draws us towards death
And makes it one with you,

Whose light is everywhere
Wherein I stand and see
My shadow disappear.


come back

If only best friends didn't move away to New York. Erica, I miss you.


keep on shinin'



Crazy intense reading load already. Ahhh yeah. My brain was feelin rusty.

Sooo mormon.

But all of those things are okay because I am here again. I know this place and my place in it. I always forget how beautiful Utah is in the summer until I come back. It's a bit strange being back after 5 months cause now I'm an elitist senior. It feels pretty great. I already know that my favorite classes will be EDGAR ALLAN POE (!) and American Lit [1960-Present]. I am totally stoked to read creepy, macabre, depressing stories. Today I read snippets of Poe's biography and was laughing aloud. His poetry is about horror instead of love: I think we will get along quite well this semester. Pretty sure he would prefer wuthering heights to pride and prejudice like me.
I'm with my laaaadies and loving every minute of it. Cal left a vampire cut-out in the bathroom before I even arrived to scare me. She "wanted to start the year off right". And we have a loft with a spiral staircase and tons of windows.
I saw my Smokin' wood bandies yesterday and it felt wonderful. We spent our entire lives together last year. Mike called the young ambassadors--the young badassadors in our meeting. I turned purple trying not to laugh tooo loud.
This year is going to be one of beginnings and endings. I'm not really sure how it will all fit together but I am anticipating some serious memory making.

*I have a handicap parking pass...Today I knew I was living right when I rolled up to class while everyone else walks 2 miles. Back surgery IS good for some things.