rejoice, a child is going to be born

My dear dear sister KATIE is going to bear a MAN-child in december!
I went to her ultra-sound and I saw him. I was one of the first to see this tiny person. He has working fingers and toes. A beating heart that looks like a fluttering bird. His skull makes him resemble Jack-skeleton. What will he look like? Will he love soccer and skiing, be obsessed with the king-cobra at the zoo, and be ecstatic to go camping--like me? Brown eyes or blue? Will he look anything at all like anyone? His sisters don't even appear to be sisters, really. I don't know what to expect, but I do know he'll be the first boy with three savvy, bomb-shell older sisters. If he is anything like them, my heart might bust from too much love.


For the record, ultra-sound experiences are waaaay better than live-birth experiences. The third baby my sister had was a 'gril' (as her 4-year-old-sister would say). Her gorgeous name is Eden Violet (I wish my name were half-as-exotic). Katie and I decided it would be a wonderful and bonding experience for me to attend her birth. I had high expectations, anticipations of angels and fire and melting heart-strings. Things didn't go quite so well. I arrived at the hospital at 1 am after driving home from California all night. I was totally exhausted in every way. Katie was sick and labor didn't really get going until 5 am. As soon as things got goin, I went up by her shoulders to watch. The Doctor had to "brake" the water (a better term would be "explode" the water) and as soon as the smell hit, I was done for. I stumbled my way under Katie's legs and the doctor's arms to the back of the room where some chairs promised relief. The nurse caught me as I passed out. Then threw up. Then passed out. Then threw up. I came around when Eden was pink and scrubbed and staring....and beautiful. Once she was out and free of gore, my heart-strings did melt, again and again. She was so new, so tender, so un-touched. A perfect being. That is how mr. boy will be too. But I think this time I'll wait in the hall.

"Eden, you're going to have a brother!"
Eden: "It's a BOY???!!!!!"

When Eden saw him on the screen, she said "Ooooh, a baby! He cryeen."
"Why, Eden?"
"He want hees mommy"


I'm off!

to see these heart-breakers

Ps my cello is home and i'm complete


my stars shoot for you

I am all chloriney from spendin time in the pool with Harley. Slowly China is melting off me. The dumplings, hi-chews and rice are leaving my thighs and stomach. Good ridance.

Two nights ago I was layin outside on the driveway contemplating the heavens because the temperature dropped by almost 40 degrees. Unreal right? It was 72. In the middle of summer. In arizona. Four stars shot for me. It was a big deal because they were real and I was alone. I see shooting stars everynight in my room--Katie put those sticky stars on the roof and the fan; they provide good company for drifting, dreamy thoughts.

* * * * * *
On Friday I took Cookie to lunch. She is my sister's lovely grandmother- in-law. Every summer I visit her in Prescott to see her new paintings, garden and book progression. This woman is formidable and strong. And she writes. She just finished her favorite novel and I am going to read it. We talked writing, creating. Someday I will be like her and finish a novel. Have my own garden. Create full time. Women like her show me who I want to be.

* * * * * * *

Zours are so good. I had never tasted them before Tyler sent them in my package. I had never heard some new coldplay songs til Jenny sent them in another.

Thanks for new experiences.

Ps. do you like the new look?



(hiking in style)

As you can see from my photo, I had some friends rescue me from the boredom of my summer: reading, relaxing, swimming, watching movies ect. This life sounds pretty lucrative at first, but 6 weeks of entertainment and little brain activity gets a bit dry. But just a bit. Erica, Spencer and Callie came down two weekends ago for some much needed togetherness before Sperica move to NYC for law school. I met Erica in Spanish sophomore year, when we realized we were applying for the same study abroad. Erica is lovely, hilarious, loyal, great note-writer and loving. We lived together in Spain and after until she married Spenc (skier, grounded, extreme intelligence, happy, entertaining). They started dating around the time we met, Erica's life and mine were paralleling each other because I had also started dating a boy. Obviously things worked out better for them than 'us'. ahem. I met California Frances on said study abroad in Spain and she also lived with Erica and I. Callie is also hilarious, totally chill, loves to scare me and is an awesome soccer player. The jokes, entertainment and zaniness never stop with this crew. It was truly delightful to have them here. I am so grateful they drove 12 hours both ways to visit the splendor that is Arizona!

We swam, ate, went to court, went boating, ate, played rock band, watched "oh brother where art thou" and had rhetorical battles. Clearly--it doesn't get much better than that. I love these people, they really are the cream of the crop. Thanks amigos!

"Don't be so wristist!"