you blog?!?!?

One of my students asked my if I have a blog and was shocked that I answered affirmatively. He asked me what I blog about...I had no idea how to respond. Probably because this was what I planned to write today:

Today I tried to catch a snake and it defecated on my hand. Truly.


The land of the ...and the home of the ....

Sometimes, I randomly think to myself: "Just doin' my duty for God and my country." Oddly enough, this usually happens when I am cleaning the bathroom, walking to campus, or engaging in an adrenaline-inducing activity.

The strangest part of this situation is that I hate phrases like that. Too much USA pride, which I always associate with hicks and old navy flag shirts, irks me. I can't really say why those things irk me, I really do like this place.

In conclusion, I am totally strange and full of contradictions.

The end.