MLK day

(the end)

(the start)
Continuing on with the theme of my last post, I have a fresh story for you. I had a soccer game Friday night, went skiing on Saturday and was thus feeling a bit tired on Monday. I decided to stay at my grandma's on Sunday night, make Monday a relaxing day to take a hike with Emily, Linx and Rachel. We created a Provo bucket- list a few weeks ago, and decided to hit up the Spanish Fork hot springs on our day off. We left our apartment at 1pm, assuming we'd be back by 4 or 5. We drove up a canyon to find the road blocked off, and I assumed that was the trail head (online it said the hike was 2.5 miles from the trail head). So, we started walking through the snow up the road...and it took forever, but we didn't really care because it was beautiful and nice to be outside ect. Well, an hour and twenty minutes later, we arrive at some trailhead---the trail head we thought we had passed an hour earlier. Some girl and man walked awkwardly out of the same bathroom stall and informed us that the road was blocked off because the snow was treacherous and that the portion we had just trudged was 6 miles long (!). So, the "real" and anticipated hike was just beginning. We thought it wouldn't take long: FALSE. The trail meanders along a river and is the equivalent of a crazy ski traverse. Keep in mind we were wearing running shoes. We finally arrived at the hot springs at 4pm--they were beautiful. Nervous of the dark, the fact that we had no flashlights, cellphone reception or proper equipment, we only stayed in the springs for a few minutes. Just enough to get soaking wet, making it necessary to somehow change out of our swimsuits without flashing all of the drunk boys and slipping in the mud. Suffice it to say that it didn't work out so well. We left the springs with an 8.5 mile hike ahead of us. I had half a water bottle and a chewy granola bar for the entire trip. By the time we reached the blasted road, we were pretty exhausted. Lots of singing, moral support and hysterical laughter ensued. We finally made it back to our apartment by 730 pm after an accidental 17 mile hike. Another restful MLK day to remember.


My brain is turning to slosh

I have done some pretty dumb things lately:
1. During finals week, I left my car lights on so that the battery died and I needed to get a jump.
2. A few days later I tried to go skiing in Park City. I was supposed to meet my friend up there but my phone died, so I logically pulled over to use a pay phone to call her and figure out meeting place/ time ect. When I got to the phone I realized I had no money, and had to collect call her mother to get her number. I did this with success, only to get said friend's voice mail. I returned to my car, thinking I would have a lonely ski day---and saw my keys sitting on the drivers seat with the doors locked. I was forced to wait without a jacket for two hours until someone came and got my keys out. I had about an hour to ski after all of that. Miraculously, my friend found me and we skied to the parking lot together.
3. After one trip to the post office during grad applications week, I returned after I failed to realize I had to mail my writing sample to Colorado and had to overnight it. The cost was a whopping $27. I was going to Boulder the following day to see my sister, and could have easily hand delivered it.
4. I left my beloved cello in the car overnight this week. (ps I freaked out last semester while on tour because I would NOT leave my cello under the bus in the cold)
5. Same night, I also left the car lights on. Linx had to jump me, again. (it was my birthday too)
6. Here is the ultimate: I did fairly well on the GRE in Dec. but decided to retake it to see if I could up my anty a bit for grad school. I arrived yesterday at the testing center, was totally prepped and ready to own. The girl working informed me that my test was actually scheduled for Friday, not Saturday, and that I had missed it. What? Yes! I missed my appointment, they wouldn't let me retake the exam that day, nor would they offer me a refund. The chick also said she had seen my name on the list the day before but didn't call me. Thank you, testing center lady for helping us all succeed. $150 bucks for nothing.
7. Then, last night, I missed one of my good friend's wedding receptions. I completely spaced it.
*If I no longer remember your name in a few days, don't hate me, it is probably just dementia setting in.