riding the line

I went to Costa Rica after I graduated from high school. The timing worked out because I had just broken my heart by breaking someone else's-- and the spanish, jungles, beaches and pineapple provided fantastic distraction. We went ziplining through the rain forest. This was no ordinary zip line- the longest was 1/2 mile and reached speeds of 60 mph. In between each line, we hiked to the next tree or metal platform to climb up the stairs and begin anew. The tallest platform was several stories high and was waving in the wind because it was stormy. Breathless, I summited those steps into white fog. I couldn't see beyond the platform edge. Once strapped into my harness I sort of panicked. The predictable green was spread below and the sky only white. Skies aren't supposed to be white. I had no idea what was beyond that edge...it was foggy and windy and raining and the line was bouncing.

I feel this way again--panicky, excited, sightless, breathless, and scared out of my mind. I have no idea where I will be next year. Could be seattle, boulder, boston, phoenix, provo, salt lake, tuscon...

Hiking with my dad every morning over break was so needed. It is what we do, always. (His desk contains a lot: pictures of his children, ridiculous post-it notes from me, a rancor statue from star wars, an alien doll I made him in 3rd grade, court papers, scriptures, fish hooks, and so many books. So many books.) He wondered aloud where I will be next year...and then I wondered the same thing, and what will I be doing? Will I have friends? Will I be brave? Will everything seem too new?

I take the GRE on Saturday. Pray for me.

Just so you know, I jumped off that platform with a shout and the ride ended up being one of the most exciting thrills of my life. I'm going to make this one be the same. Hooty Hoo!



"The work of the Lord is one of vast magnitude and almost beyond the comprehension of mortals. Its glories are past description, and its grandeur unsurpassable."
--Joseph Smith



green onion
lots of lime
*add however much pleases you.

get chips that have "a hint of lime."

i am addicted.



Attention: STOP making out in the library. It disgusts everyone around you. If you must, reserve a study room with your lover or something. But rubbing her "back" (upper buttock) is not appropriate in a public place of study.

In other news, watch this.