don juan carlooos

Last week we had a visitor at our apartment: Don Carlos. He belongs to Linx's aunt Brenda in SLC, and she kindly lent him for a while. He has sooo much hair and so much love to offer. Now that he is gone, I am admittedly a bit depressed. Every day when I got home, there was the little guy to greet me. We went on many walks together. If I did homework for hours on end, he just slept peacefully beside me, content. At the end of the week, as a going away present, he jumped on his hind legs like a rabbit (!) Here's to you, Carlos. I Miss you.

This week I went to Macbeth the opera (awesome) and the Tell-Tale-Heart, a play, and the stepfather, a scary movie. Doing my best to take advantage of Halloween. On Friday I went up to Salt Lake to spend the evening with my dear, hilarious, gorgeous cousins Amy and Anna. We had a spooky time at a haunted mansion/trek forest shindig. We also snuck upstairs to see 'real' ghosts, because the homes are truly haunted. We didn't see any that we know of, but if sure made for a good time. I love you girls.

In other news, school is killing me. Draining out my spirit slowly. But its ok...there is a good reason. Tomorrow (wednesday) I am flying to Denver to see my family! We are all convening there mostly because we just want to see one another, and partly because it is Halloween. I have sucessfully finished all homework for the week as of a few minutes ago, so I will have nothing to worry about. I'm taking my nieces trick-or-treating on Halloween (you should be jealous).

*It snowed today, and the snow reminded me of Bejiing snow. Ah, China, how I miss you as well.


yeah, this really happened

A few days ago I was driving home and was approaching a red light and needed to turn left. Right as I began to slow down, the left turn arrow turned green, so I could fluidly continue on without slowing. After this happened, I realized I had both winked and pointed at the left turn signal because it timed everything perfectly. I find myself doing things like this more than I would like to admit, and it always happens when I am alone. But now I have confessed. Try winking at a light someday, you will laugh at yourself for the rest of time.


worst morning.

I am ticked. My car was towed sometime around 3 am. It is my own fault, which makes me even more upset.

Anyone who gets fulfillment in life by towing cars should... (edited for content).


Listen up, America!

I want everybody who reads my blog to know: Irregardless is not the correct word! Merriam-Webster states:
"The most frequently repeated remark about "irregardless" is that there is no such word. There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead".

Regardless is the word you are searching for (if you want to sound educated, anyway).
Thank you for your time,


Happy Birthday!

(ha! This is the most awkward photo I could scrounge up...his arm placement is outrageous!)

This special day belongs to two of the most delightful people I know.
Happy Birthday Erica! Happy Birthday Amy!
I really hope every one of your dreams come true. Thanks for being the best friends! Some common traits these babes have: Hilarious, Inappropriate, Entertaining, Highly witty, Zany, Fun, Loving, Kind, Helpful, cheerful and occasional but mild cussers. Love you both.