I finished

4 years
51 Classes
80+ Exams
? Pages read
16 English classes
5 Folk bands
5 Countries visited
1 Study abroad
2 Performing tours
1 Missed tour due to surgery
5 Surgeries total
200+ Pages written
2 Senior Thesis papers
8 Stellar professors
5 Most roommates at once
1 Niece born
1 Nephew born
3 Grad schools to choose from
1 Grad school Rejection
1 Season pass to Park City ski resort
1 Season pass to Seven Peaks
50+ Boxes of Cereal consumed

Final Semester
3 Surgeries
5 A's
15+ Number of times skiing
1 Pair of new skis
1 Trip to Colorado
1 Trip to AZ for surgery
1 bloody/black eye
2 Graduation ceremonies
1 Trip to disneyland
1 Threw molotov cocktails
1 Hiked 17 miles through snow
1 Book club
1 Job as research assistant
1 Editing position

YAY! I'm done!


Senioritis or Sheer Genius?

I included this "diagram" in my Senior Capstone paper. I drew it using the paint accessory on my computer. It does make sense in context, I swear. Hahaha.


Skiing is better than kissing

1. Legitimate Endorphins
2. Beautiful scenery (although kissing can, at times, encompass this as well)
3. Instantly reduces all stress instead of creating more
4. Flying solo
5. Nothing, nothing is more fun than a long powder run (despite what Whitney says)
6. Skip because of Satan (thanks tara)
7. Instant self-esteem boost
8. Toned thighs and butt
9. No cooties involved
10. Out of Provo!
11. Snow is sparkly

*This blog post may or may not have been inspired by a new pair of rossi powder skis and some less than romantic kisses.