New Year

My little brother, Matt, is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in New York. He wrote me a letter including a list of new year's resolutions:

1. Go on at least 1 sexy date per week
2. Do 7 FUN things per week
3. Get good grades again
4. Eat ice cream every single day
5. Play soccer and score lots of goals
7. Continue to be amazing!

I'm not sure what he is referring to when he says "splurge"...I guess that he is acknowledging the 7 fun things and ice cream will get pricey. As I was reading, I suspected that he chose those specific activities because he can't do them right now, and they sound fun (I guess he could eat ice cream but that's it). He's got nostalgia for pre-mish life.

I miss that boy!


  1. What is the difference between a "sexy" date and a normal one?

  2. I'm glad I'm related to him.

  3. haha oh his humor...
    maybe he was writing those for you?

  4. Sexy as in when George Michael says to Maybe "oh what a fun and sexy time for you" when she goes out with steve holt